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operas based on the nights

Found this pretty comprehensive list of European Operas with Nights related themes/plots/etc.

The website is here but I pasted the info below in case it disappears:;nghkYg;20000906141319-0400A

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> The Arabian 1001 Nights inspired many operatic works. I found one by Weber
> called Abu Hassan. Do you know more info about the subject?

Using Charles H. Parsons's book "Opera Subjects" (volume 9 of the Mellen
Opera Reference Index), I find the following operas based on One Thousand
and One Nights, to which I've added a few found in bibliographic databases.
This can't be a complete list by any means, since Parsons apparently left
out a number which (I suppose) he didn't recognize as being from the Arabian
Nights (or were adaptations from plays that were based on the Arabian
Nights). Nevertheless, FWIW (for what it's worth)....

1761 - Monsigny, P. A.: Le Cadi dupe
1783 - Piccinni, N.: Le Dormeur veille
1788 - Shield, W.: Aladdin, or The Wonderful Lamp
1805 - Dalayrac, N.: Gulistan, ou Le Hulla de Samarcande
1806 - Kelly, M.: The Forty Thieves
1813 - Ware, H.: Aladdin
1814 - Bierey, G. B.: Almazinde, oder Die Hoehle Sesame
1819 - Gyrowetz, A.: Aladin, oder Die Wunderlampe
1822 - Isouard, .: Aladin, ou La Lampe merveilleuse
1826 - Bishop, H.R.: Aladdin
1827 - Claudius, O.: Aladin
1830 - Guhr, K.W.F.: Aladin
1833 - Cherubini, L.: Ali Baba, ou Les Quarante voleurs
1845 - Wichtl, G.: Aladin, oder Die Wunderlampe
1861 - Reyer, E.: La Statue
1870 - Herv, F.: Le Nouvelle Aladin
1871 - Bottesini, G.: Ali Baba
1872 - Nibelle, A.: Les Quatre cents femmes d'Ali-Baba
1811 - Lutz, W.M.: The Forty Thieves
1882 - Caballero, M.F. and Rubio, A.: Las Mil y una noches
1882 - Lutz, W.M.: Aladdin
1887 - Lecocq, A.C.: Ali-Baba
1888 - Hornemann, C.F.E.: Aladdin
189? - Nunn, E.C.: Prince Kamar-al-Zamar
1891 - Renaud, A.: Aladdin
1891 - Haring, C.: Ali-Baba
1892 - Batchelor, W.H.: Ali Baba, or Morgiana and the Forty Thieves
1893 - Horneman, C.F.E.: Aladdin
1906 - Caryll, I.: The New Aladdin
1906 - Strauss, J., Jr.: Ein Tausaund und ein Naechte
1913 - Mauzin, L.: Les Quatre cents femmes d'Ali-Baba
1914 - Rabaud, H.B.: Marouf, savetier du Caire
1917 - Sekles, B.: Scheherazade
1929 - Brenta, G.: Le Kadi dupe
1931 - Bardi, B.: Fatme
1932 - Veretti, A.: La Favorita del re
1935 - Clausetti, P.: Ali-Baba
1937 - Honegger, A.: Les Mille et une nuits
1940 - Wagner-Regeny, R.: Persiche Episode
1941 - Atterberg, K.: Aladdin
1961 - Toch, E.: The Last Tale1968 - Rota, N.: La Lampada di Aladino
1967 - Cacavas, J.: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
1968 - Polgar, T.: The Troublemaker
1970 - Hanus, J.: Pohadka jedne noci
1986 - Sanker, J.: Ali Baba and the Thieves
1987 - Varelas, S.A.: Volshebnaia lampa Aladdina [Aladdin's Magic Lamp]

Bob Kosovsky -- Librarian
Music Division, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

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