Sunday, April 19, 2009

Andrei Codrescu's next book has Nights theme

Poet Andrei Codrescu announced a Nights themed book forthcoming from the author in the interview on his latest book (see bottom of post for article/interview info). Learn more about the poet at his website:

(as an aside a reliable source who knows her well says poet Lyn Hejinian is also working on a Nights related book of poems - M)...

paragraph mentioning Codrescu's upcoming book:

"The book ["The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara & Lenin Play Chess," (Princeton University Press, $16.95)] was inspired by a meeting with a Princeton University Press editor at the Frankfurt Book Fair. "We had a 15-minute conversation, and that was it," Codrescu said. "Now I'm writing another one, '1001 Nights, Scheherezade's Bodies, Notes on Narration and Extinction.'"

from article:

Professional provocateur
Andrei Codrescu's latest work is a guidebook to a strange new era
Posted by Susan Larson, Book editor, The Times-Picayune
April 01, 2009 3:45AM

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