Friday, March 18, 2011

Ali and his Large "Member"

A visitor has asked me an interesting question, they are interested in the story "Ali and his large member" (yes that kind of member), but I don't know too much about it.

I did some very minor looking around and this is what I came up with, I'll have to double-check my Burton but I think he didn't translate all of the stories from the Wortley-Montague manuscript, although this one seems like something he may have been interested in taking a look at. 

It's only in the so called Wortley Montague manuscript, not found in any other version before it.  This was published in, or dated to 1764, according to the Arabian Nights Encyclopedia.

The story is on pages 682-692.

This (Arabic) manuscript is in the Bodleian Library.  It's not a translation and has Wortley-Montague's name attached to it because he owned it. 

There is  a German translation of the Nights from this manuscript by Felix Tauer that may contain this story, according to the Encyclopedia.  I think the title is Neue Erzählungen aus den Tausendundein Nächten.

Apart from that there doesn't seem to be any other mention of the story in any other version of the Nights.

Anyone else know something more/different?




  1. I CANNOT find a text of this story. I find references to it, but no actual text of it. Has anyone had any luck?