Sunday, April 5, 2009

Classic Comics Covers

You can find some general (and interesting) information on Classic Comics and Classic Comics Illustrated on wikipedia here:

Looks like it would be fun to collect them, but for here I just wanted to post the Arabian Nights covers (one is Canadian I think) and the Aladdin one because they are nice looking:




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  1. The Classics Illustrated comics, or Classic Comics as they were originally called went through a variety of cover illustrations. Cover illustrations also changed with later reprints of the comic. The first cover pictured is that of the first edition. It was deemed not entirelly acceptable, so a modified version was pressed into service for the subsequent reprints under the Classic Comics label. The bottom cover is the first edition cover under the Classics Illustrated label. That illustration was later changed to a fire-breathing dragon style cover. In that case the UK edition, in addition to having a different price, the illustration was fliped when compared to the US edition.