Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Articles on the 1001 Nights

I'd like to compile a list of scholarly/academic articles on the Nights available online and for free and without having to have a University account. I'll add to this post as I find them so bookmark this link if you're interested.

I think with Google Books and archive.org the future of scholarship/research is heading in this direction - not sure how it's all going to work out though (ie university press books / obscure journals having info for free vs. having to have a university pay for access or having a non-affiliate having to pay upwards of $100s of dollars for a slim book of essays).

In any case, feel free to email me others and I'll keep posting all of the links here for an e-bibliography type experiment.

Beaumont, Daniel. "Alf Layla wa Layla or The 1001 Nights." Introduction from his book on the Nights which focuses on psychoanalytic theory and Lacanian elements: Slave of Desire: Sex, Love, and Death in the 1001 Nights. http://www.arabiannights.org/beaumont.html

Bochman, Victor. "The Jews and 'The Arabian Nights.'" Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel, 1996. http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/MFAArchive/1990_1999/1998/7/The%20Jews%20and%20The%20Arabian%20Nights

Borges, Jorge Luis. "The Thousand and One Nights." The Georgian Review (Fall 1984): 564-574. Link: http://www.geocities.com/tidbits4you/ArabianNights.Borges.html (Anyone have further info on this journal? I can't seem to find it anywhere).

Google Books has a copy of the essay as well, here: http://books.google.com/books?id=ty8LLZ_U93MC, from the book "Seven Nights" if you are looking for a proper citation for it.

Brinton, John. "The White Lines and the Black." Aramco, 1968. Note: About the wood engraver William Harvey, artist for Lane's Nights. http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/196801/the.white.lines.and.the.black.htm

Bruns, Rebecca. "Arabian Nights - and Art Nouveau." Aramco World, 1979. http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/197904/arabian.nights.-.and.art.nouveau.htm

Grotzfeld, Heinz. "The Age of the Galland Manuscript of the Nights: Numismatic Evidence for Dating a Manuscript?" 1995 Lecture. http://www.uib.no/jais/v001ht/01-050-064grotz1.htm

Hattar, TS. "Arabian Nights Briefing." http://www.outreachworld.org/Files/Curriculum/arabian-nights-lesson.pdf

Kadivar, Darius.  "More than Real:  Hollywood's thousand and one nights."  Article on some film versions of the Nights.  http://www.iranian.com/DariusKadivar/2002/November/1001/index.html

Mazzawi, Rosalind. "Scheherezade in Paris." Aramco World, 1985. Note: About a Parisian Art Exhibit in the 1980s. http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/198505/scheherezade.in.paris.htm

Obojski, Robert. "The Return of Scheherezade." Aramco World, 1977. Note: this article is about Nights related stamps. http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/197705/the.return.of.scheherezade.htm

Ouyang, Wen-chin (2003). "Metamorphoses of Scheherazade in Literature and Film." Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 66 (3). pp. 402-418. link: https://eprints.soas.ac.uk/3860/

Patel, Ismail. "The Oriental Gothic as misrepresentation of the East. Discussed with reference to Vathek, by William Beckford, and selections from The Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night, by Richard Burton." http://victorian.fortunecity.com/coldwater/439/oriental.htm

Ross, Jack. "A new translation of the Arabian Nights." Note: This is a great introduction to the English language versions of the 1001 Nights, a must read for anyone interested in the Nights at all: http://mairangibay.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-translation-of-arabian-nights.html

Wallace, Alfred Russel. "The Birds of Paradise in the Arabian Nights." 1904. http://www.wku.edu/~smithch/wallace/S615.htm

Online Bibliographies:

These aren't necessarily articles available online but rather collections of bibliographies online that you can see (and then go find the articles/books from there).

The Arabian Nights Bibliography compiled by Ulrich Marzolph. Link: http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~enzmaer/arabiannights-engl-elektr.html.

Professor Jack Ross has an extensive Bibilography as well on his blog. Link: http://dinarzade.blogspot.com/2007/09/arabian-nights-bibliography.html.


  1. From Above Comments:

    Borges, Jorge Luis. "The Thousand and One Nights." The Georgian Review (Fall 1984): 564-574.
    Link: http://www.geocities.com/tidbits4you/ArabianNights.Borges.html (Anyone have further info on this journal? I can't seem to find it anywhere)

    My answer from my retrieval for Repost below here- Found it on Internet Archive Wayback Machine:


    Also, the defunct Geocities sites (by Yahoo), I used to be able to find some of those sites that were saved and recreated at Reocities.

    Hope that helps.

    Marlin R.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Found what I needed through your suggestion.

  2. I cant find Ismail Patel's "The Oriental Gothic as a misrepresentation of the East" anywhere! Help.