Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life Ball 2013 - The 1001 Nights Vienna

Life Ball is an annual HIV/AIDS awareness benefit concert in Vienna, happening this week.  This year's theme is The 1001 Nights!

picture from - check out this website for more great Nights-inspired pictures

Here is the website for Life Ball 2013 -

And from it:

"Life Ball 2013 is dedicated to “1001 Nights”

“Saving lives with imagination”
is the link between Life Ball 2013 and its entertaining yet sensual source of inspiration: “1001 Nights”.

Everyone knows her, courageous Scheherezade, bravely fighting for her life during 1001 nights. Her adventurous and fairy-tale like stories attract the king’s curiosity night after night, and her inexhaustible fantasy eventually saves her life. Opulently designed, guests of Life Ball 2013 on 25 May 2013 will be immersed into a world of poetry and fairy tales, mythical creatures and djinns, desirous poems and wise allegories – using fantasy to help people infected with HIV or suffering from AIDS.

Using an old Arabic saying, Life Ball 2013 follows the motto: “It takes the night to see the stars”– for a future without HIV and AIDS. This vision, which can become true, was the common tenor at the World AIDS Conference 2012 in Washington D.C., where representatives of different international AIDS aid organizations agreed: “Together we can end AIDS”."

And here is Adam Lambert as an Ali Baba-esque performer (with 40 thieves dancers!) singing "Love Wins Over Glamour":