Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J. Del Pozo - Eau De Parfum - Arabian Nights

For those of you who not only want to read the Nights but want to smell like them, here is a cologne from J. Del Pozo called Arabian Nights.

From 1001 Nights

Website:  http://www.alhawaj.com/cms/showpage.aspx?page_id=441

Quotes from the website:

"The Name
Inspired by the legends book “1001 Nights”.
The warmth of the desert sunset.
The mystery of the nights.
The name transports us to the legendry world of the nights in Arabia."

"Arabian Nights Man
A man with power, pride, passion and sensitivity to beauty
A man in search for uniqueness.
A man of all times and ages."

(available in the Middle East and part of Spain)

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