Saturday, February 5, 2011

Call for Papers - MLA 2012

Call for Papers at the 2012 MLA Convention in Seattle

Manuscripts & Sources of The 1001 Nights

Unconfirmed special session proposal on the sources or manuscripts of The 1001 Nights. Papers examining, in detail, one specific version of the Nights will be especially considered.

Abstracts by 11 March 2011; Michael Lundell (

Please pass along to anyone who might be interested!

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  1. سيدي
    إعلان مؤتمركم أثار فضولي وإنه لمما يهمني بيد أنه تعوزه الإيضاحات فليس ثمة شرح لمحاوره أو لشروط الاشتراك به وكيفية ذلك
    لكم الشكر موصولا ودمتم بخير