Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aladdin City Florida

I posted about Aladdin City - a city in Florida built by a housing developer in the early 20th century.  A visitor commented that they wrote a post about Aladdin City, complete with catalog pictures and a history of the doomed urban project.  Buyers could choose from a variety of "Moorish" or "Spanish" style houses and the whole project was themed around Orientalist notions of the Nights.

Here is the very cool post -

And from it:

"The sales brochure announced: "Because the inspiration for its name is derived from the wonderful Oriental story of Aladdin and because location surroundings, climate, and vegetation so peculiarly fit it, the Persian style has been selected for the motif of Aladdin City."

The center of city was Ali Baba Circle. Inside the circle was to be Ali Baba Park, with a large pool in the middle.  Ali Cogia Circle surrounded Ali Baba Circle, and those circles would constitute the city's commercial district. Other streets in the city were named Sovereign Boulevard, Aladdin Boulevard, Damascus Street,  Cairo Street,  Hassan Street, Mustapha Avenue, Bagdad Street, Sinbad Street, Cathay Street, Sahib Street, and Mecca Avenue."

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