Friday, September 7, 2012

Sinbad (SKY 1 - 2012) Coming to the USA

Many thanks to Paul for keeping me up to date with Sinbad, the SKY 1 (though AdWeek says it's also BBC Worldwide owned - who can keep track) series which he has been watching up in Canada but which I, across the border down south, have been sorely missing out on.

Until now!

The Sci Fi channel, now known as Syfy, (as an aside - my undergraduate house had the tv on for about 24 hrs with the countdown to the launch of this channel, I think Star Wars (the real one, episode IV) was the first thing they showed, and their countdown was tantalizing to us (hey it was the 90s we didn't have much to do) and thanks to wikipedia that day was September 24, 1992!), is set to launch the series in the USA.

Unfortunately it won't air until next April (2013) though, I suppose they have to have meetings about things for a year first? Or Americanize it?

 It stars Naveen Andrews of Lost fame.

Here's the news from AdWeek

"Finally, a show with the word "Sinbad" in the title that won't make you think of Jingle All the Way. BBC Worldwide America's Arabian Nights riff Sinbad is coming to NBCUniversal's cable network Syfy in April of next year. The 12-segment series stars Elliot Knight as the eponymous sailor and follows him on his voyages as he evades bad guy Lord Akbari (Naveen Andrews, of Lost) along with the rest of the crew aboard the Providence."

Here is the trailer:

 Here is wikipedia on the show:

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