Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ousfaughn Gallery - San Diego


I had the great pleasure of having several cups of Arabian coffee with my new acquaintance Yousef last week.  Yousef has opened an art gallery here in San Diego on Ray Street, North Park's art district, and it has a distinctly Nights based theme.

Yousef has a great collection of Nights related books for sale, but has also exhibited many of his art pieces, which are flavored with the Nights and with Arabian history as well, Yousef is in part from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

So, right here in San Diego we have our own Saudi Arabian/1001 Nights art gallery, Ahlan wa Sahlan!

I encourage everyone to visit, either by appointment or during the monthly "Ray at Night" event held on Ray Street (for more info on this:

Yousef is also at work making Arabian Lounges - Arabic style couches for relaxing forever on chatting and hanging out, something everyone in the world needs more of.

His gallery also hosts a poetry reading.

You can check out some of his artwork online, and also find info on his gallery, at his website:

Like his gallery at facebook:

Good luck Yousef, looking forward to many more coffees and talks.

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