Monday, September 5, 2011

The Thousand and One Nights - Hanan Al Shaykh & Tim Supple

Yes, it's true.  Another version of the Nights joins us this year.  This one was recently published in the UK and written by Hanan Al Shaykh, and a play version is available in the US by both Al Shaykh and Tim Supple. I'm sure you can get the UK version somehow in the US as well though.

Many thanks to Irfan and JC for passing this info along.

From 1001 Nights

From 1001 Nights

Hanan Al Shaykh is the author of the version of the Nights that Luminato was based on, Tim Supple directed the play.  I believe it is now touring, but I'm not exactly sure.

From what I've read Al Shaykh's version is quite risque, giving voice to what was a vital part of the original manuscript, and was well received.

I'll post some reviews as I collect them.  It will be interesting to see her version, I've read a couple of her books and they are recommended if you are interested in feminism, the Middle East, and contemporary viewpoints from that region via Al Shaykh's particular vision, not to mention being good reads that stand on their own and will draw you in you regardless of your own interests.  Here's her wikipedia page:

You can read the beginning of the frame story at the publisher's website here:

I think it's a really well done version from the excerpt, very funny, I'm looking forward to getting a copy.

Here's a video of author Tahmina Anam (thanks Irfan!) talking about the Nights and Al Shaykh's version, among other things:


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