Thursday, August 4, 2011

Arabian Nights Dinner Show, Orlando Florida

The Arabian Nights takes center stage in Orlando Florida, as a sort of horse-themed show which you are supposed to watch while you eat dinner.  I haven't been yet!

Here is a video someone made with some Matrix inspired beats:

Here is their website in case you ever find yourself in Orlando:

And from the site!:

"Scheherazade is joined by her father’s genie Abra Cadabra and her own young genie Hocus Pocus, whose magic grows stronger with each spell to entertain the princess. Hocus and Abra bring many of Scheherazade’s favorite childhood tales to life in an effort to both entertain her and improve Hocus’ magical skills.

On this magical night, Scheherazade also learns that the prince of her dreams, Prince Khalid, is real and that he also dreams of finding her."

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