Saturday, May 7, 2011

Interpreting The 1001 Nights for the Stage - Tim Supple

Tim Supple was in Abu Dhabi recently and gave a presentation on the Nights at NYU Abu Dhabi's new campus.  He is the director of the Luminato project, a massive staged version of the Nights featuring actors from around the Middle East.

The video is linked here:

The presentation covers his adaptation of the Nights and some of the stories being read by various people.  As an aside, I am anxiously awaiting the results of a phone interview for a position at NYUAD.  This waiting period is stressful...!

Here is the information on NYUAD's website:

"November 4, 2010

Interpreting The 1001 Nights for the Stage
Stage director Tim Supple’s love of dramatic story-telling began at an early age and developed into a professional reputation for adapting plays, books, stories and poems into highly visual, musical and imaginative theatrical events. Before performing some brief illustrative rehearsal sketches, Supple will discuss his work on the adaptation of The Arabian Nights for the stage.

Tim Supple Stage Director

Houda Echouafani, Lassen Razzougui and Ramzi Choukair Artists"

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