Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scheherazade 'a role model for women'

The following excerpts are from the article:

"Arabian Nights character Scheherazade 'a role model for women'"

by Manel Ismail writing in the Emirates' news-site The National

The article is about a recent talk on the feminist elements at play in the Nights and its main character/narrator the ever-reproductive Scheherazade.

Not sure what kind of role model Scheherazade is, but this speaker suggests that all women follow her example.  I suppose that means....??  What do you think?

"ABU DHABI // Superwoman can fly and Wonder Woman has incredible strength but the Arabic storyteller Scheherazade may well be the best heroine of them all.

Around for hundreds of years, what makes her such a strong role model is her ability to use her mind and wit to captivate people with her enchanting tales -and not X-ray vision.

Author, professor and former journalist Alia Yunis explained why the character from 1,001 Arabian Nights is a true inspiration. She was speaking at TEDxAbuDhabiU, an event that provides a platform to exchange ideas across all industries.

The tale from the Islamic Golden Age tells the story of an Arabian king who was betrayed by his wife. He goes on to marry a series of virgins, only to execute them the following morning - until he meets Scheherazade. For 1,001 nights, she distracts him with her stories, saving her life and the lives of other women, until the king falls in love with her.

The TEDx event was held at the weekend under the theme "Dare to" and Ms Yunis dared women to follow Scheherazade's footsteps and use their experience, knowledge and skills to become superheroines."

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