Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gulf Life - Sept 2009

Gulf Life is Gulf Air's in-flight magazine and it's a very stylish and well put together affair.  Most of the articles are written in both Arabic and English which makes it a great way to practice your Arabic reading alongside the English translation.

Their September 2009 edition has several Nights related articles including some info on Tahir Shah's book, some background of the Nights, an article on the giant hakawati statue they are planning on building in Dubai (a giant human shape which tells stories (ala the Nights) through microphones in the park), an article on Tim Supple - a dramatist who is currently travelling through the Middle East in order to collect and, at the end of his journey, present on stage in the UK, a Nights spectacle, and a great article on my favorite storyteller Abu Shady, who sits atop his storytelling chair in the An-Nowfara cafe in the old city of Damascus each night and tells stories, several from and related to the Nights.

In any event, Gulf Life has its magazine free and online, so check out the Nights edition (and their other magazines if you like):

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