Wednesday, September 2, 2009

“Quest of Scheherazade” update

The Nights related Hollywood (live-action, not animated) film “Quest of Scheherazade” was scheduled to have retired actor Sean Connery in it, which may have changed according to Phil Butler (see link after quote).

"Earlier reports that Sean Connery is to team up with Orlando Bloom and Bollywood’s hottest female lead Celina Jaitley may not be true, but it sure would be nice if they were. Last October, Jaitley said that Connery and Bloom were both signed to star in the upcoming, and highly anticipated “Quest of Scheherazade”, which was scheduled to begin shooting back in January. No official word is out as to who actually will star in the film besides Celina, but Wikipedia and other sources suggest a remote possibility.

Connery, who is by the way this writer’s all time favorite actor (well besides the Duke), has been in retirement since 2003’s League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Connery, who lives in the Bahamas, has not even heard of the project according to his representative Nancy Seltzer. I have actually been stressing wondering how Connery has been, since we have not heard from him in so long, but the same reports I am reading confirm his health is actually very good. As for Jaitley, this film will be her first excursion into Hollywood. She is reported to be slated to play an Iranian princess is the film, which with the two other actors mentioned, would be a box office hit from the start."


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