Sunday, May 3, 2009

Second Life & the 1001 Nights

Apparently there are several Nights related portions of the metaverse in the online world of "Second Life."

Here are some I found on youtube:

The Journey to Qasr Al Jinn ("Castle of the Jinn (aka Genie)" in Arabic)

This series depicts a traveller from the West on a journey to a foreign land called Qas'r al Jinn. A fantasy roleplaying sim called 1001 Nights inside Second Life.

Second Life: Arabian Nights - Shahrzad Palace

An Arabic dance club in Second Life:

Qas'r Al Jinn - The Fortress of Spirits

A fantasy roleplaying sim soon to open in Second Life. Built by the amazing Zhella Nishi and the concepts and dreams of Harla Kurri and Twisted Surface. (1st draft edit. Not final version.)

Arabian Night in SL

- Some fantasy tent dance thing?!

A Dream of 1001 Nights - In Second Life under WindLight

A story of a beautiful dream I had.

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