Monday, January 19, 2009

1001 Nights Restaurant China

1001 Nights CHINA:

It's a chain of restaurants around China with Arabic food.

Pop-up heavy but interesting site with menus in Chinese, English and Arabic:

From their Beijing description:

Beijing has seen a handful of restaurants come and go but it is "1001 Nights Restaurant"which has stood the test of time. Being one of Beijing’s most celebrated restaurants , this elegant establishment has been pleasing patrons for over 5 years and it plans to dish it up for many more.

  Decor of the restaurant reminiscent of the old Arabic culture. Entering our restaurant will drive you to a journey to the enchantment and wonder of the Middle East civilization.Traditional oven where seems to produce endless supplies of home-made pita bread for the clients. “1001 nights Restaurant”’ Executive Chef Hasan, has refined the art of the Syrian -Lebanese cuisine satisfying guests with an attractive resentation of authentic Middle East fares, which includes a wide variety of delicious appetizers, sumptuous portion of different grill dishes and drinks torelish. Begin with a flavorful dip such as Baba Ghanoug, or Humus or pair it with Tabouli Salad, Savory Shish Tawouk, and like all our other selections from our menu, each dish is spiced and served with a generous side dish, such as rice, potatoes or vegetables. Then complete your Lebanese dining experience with a sweet treat from our unique selection of traditional Arab desserts. Quality control is an integral feature of the restaurant. All meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and fruits arrive daily.

  Every day enjoy traditional Belly Dancing show. A variety of performers will delight your senses with their esthetic dance and will make sure that dining in our restaurant is an experience in excellence. Service and quality go hand in hand to provide guests with a well-deserved experience in fine dining.

  Let “1001 nights Restaurant” take you on a journey through the Middle East that you never forget. 


“1001 Nights Restaurant” cordially invites you to join us for dinner, special occasions and parties.

Your guest will enjoy the cozy setting and a touch of our Middle East hospitality and entertainment. A great opportunity to treat your local associates to an entertaining evening and introduce to them the delight of the Lebanese cuisine. 1001 Restaurant offering a full ranges of food and beverage facilities to cater the needs of 5 to 200 people. All the food we provide will be produced to the same high standards as our associated catering activities, with a range of additional

services provided to ensure that all Business Meals from “1001 Restaurant”exactly meets your requirements.All style of Lunch can be provided, from cold buffet through to an ethnic feast, with all the food freshly prepared for you. Catering
and banquet facilities are also available. As always, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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