Monday, December 8, 2008

postcolonial 1001 nights

This is a dissertation? Essay?

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On the following topic:

"Githa Hariharan’s When Dreams Travel (1999) is a re-writing of The Arabian
Nights’ Entertainments or The Thousand and One Nights, as these texts became known in
the West via a French translation."

With the following questions as guides:

"And what is there in this rewriting of The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments (an
alternative name of The Thousand and One Nights) for the postcolonial dimension of this research? Why would Githa Hariharan find important to decolonise such a text? What is at stake in such an enterprise?"

Frankly there are too many generalizations about the Nights in this essay although that's what seems to happen when people start applying theories willy nilly to fit their arguments. Also it seems that the Nights are still alive and well and can be flexible enough to fit any kind of argument or theory or re/translat(ion).

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  1. This is from the PhD thesis of Joana Filipa de Melo da Silva Vilela Passos (yes, full name) entitled Micro-universes and Situated Critical Theory:
    Postcolonial and Feminist Dialogues
    in a Comparative Study of
    Indo-English and Lusophone Women Writers
    submitted to the University of Utrecht in 2003. ISBN: 90-9016660-2. Hope it helps in placing Joana Passos' views on Githa Hariharan's otherwise amazing book.